Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 08 – A moment

My memory is weird. When someone would ask me to tell them what I ate yesterday, no matter how much I'd try I'd never remember it. But I remember lying on the giant trampoline in our back yard the summer of 2009, and I remember looking up at the clouds thinking "this is nice". My sister was riding her unicycle on the porch and it was a hundred gazillion degrees outside and I was sweating like a maniac. I have no idea why I remember this, but it was just one of those moments when life felt good. So yeah.

(Other important moments: Last year's Pride. The moment I realized that "yeah, I'm in love with her". When I finished my last short story because it was goddamned awful to write.)

(It's bloody anonymous., just ask me something, you gits.)

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